Steps to Get Started

Simple steps to customise your Boat Control Unit and enable Remote Access
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Steps to Get Started

Post by penny » Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:21 pm

1) Register via the website with your chosen user id, password and a contact email address -, following up by clicking on the confirmation emails which you should receive. You should receive an email confirming the details - please keep this safely.

NOTE that you can carry out these steps at home to get it all going and tested before taking it to the boat.

2) Plug together and power on the Skipper's Mate kit - either of your own devising using the free Open Source download and instructions or a pre-configured kit purchased from the web site

3) Connect to SkippersMate via wireless - Use a wireless device (laptop / tablet / smartphone / desktop) to connect to the SkippersMate wireless signal (password in the pdf User Manual downloadable from the web site)

4) Browse to - You should be presented with the Skipper's Mate login screen. Login with the temporary User Id : Skipper and the matching mixed-case password (see User Manual if this isn't obvious).


5) Set up one or two broadband connections :

a) External Wi-Fi Connection - you can test this easily at home by attaching to your Home Wi-Fi router or whatever you use for wireless distribution around the house - emulating the use of a yacht club, marina or other Wi-Fi. Visit Control / Control Panel and turn on the Wless switch to enable External Wi-Fi. From the menus select Broadband / Connect to Wireless Signal. Highlight the Wireless Access Point you want to connect, enter the WPA Passphrase and hit the Connect button. You should receive a message saying you have connected and showing the IP address the Skipper's Mate Boat Server has been given by the external Wireless Access Point.

b) 3G/4G Broadband Connection - obviously you will need to add a SIM to the mobile broadband dongle. Then
select Broadband / 3G/4G Settings from the menu. If this is the first time you have used this you will need to enter the User Name and Password supplied with your mobile broadband SIM. Now visit Control / Control Panel and use the 3G/4G switch to enable mobile broadband.

NOTE - you can only have one form of backhaul live at any time so if you switch on Wless then 3G/4G will be switched off automatically - and vice versa.

6) Check Your Broadband Connection - To ensure that you have Internet access select the Broadband / Check Broadband Connection and hit the OK button. You should see a message "Connection O.K. Your IP address: ". If there is no connection the message should warn you of this.

7) Synchronise Your Boat Server - Select Control / Synchronise - enter the user details you chose and which have been confirmed by email.
OK - ALL DONE ! Now all you need to do is logout (double back arrow or close tab).
8) Login with your chosen User Id and Password - this is all you'll need to do (apart from connecting wirelessly) to access the menu options within Skipper's Mate when you're on the boat.

For details on how to access the Skipper's Mate Boat Server and features when you're away from the boat, please refer to the Knowledge Base section Remote Access.

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