Motion detected ... when someone walks down the pontoon

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Motion detected ... when someone walks down the pontoon

Post by penny » Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:21 pm

Your Skipper's Mate Security camera(s) keep detecting motion when someone walks down the pontoon ... or a boat goes past ... or sunlight flashes on the water ...

There are a number of ways of tuning motion detection so that only genuine alarms are created. There is - or will shortly be - a section on Getting the Best from Motion Detection and Cameras which will/does give more details.

However the basics are :

* Camera position - if you position it so that it can "see" a window to the outside world then it is likely to generate spurious alarms
* Rapid changes in light can also generate spurious alarms - sunlight on water reflected off your nice shiny varnish work

Beyond the obvious - training your camera(s) on places where motion doesn't normally occur (i.e. avoid or cover windows) - you can also tweak the Camera Settings see menu option - Cameras / Camera(1) - and visit the Motion tab.

Threshold displays the number of pixels which need to change before motion is deemed to have occur. The default is 1500 pixels and this is normally effective in an "indoor" environment. However if you have big changes in light - e.g. bright sunshine and then cloud - you may need to adjust this. 10000 pixels is a good "outdoor" figure.

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