What is Remote Access ?

Check your boat from anywhere in the world with Internet access. Peace of mind when you can't be there
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What is Remote Access ?

Post by penny » Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:16 pm

Skipper's Mate Remote Access provides full browser access to your boat from anywhere in the world. No messing about with Twitter or sending emails - you can access the Skipper's Mate Boat Server from the airport or while walking the dog in virtually the same way you can when you're on the boat.

Visit the http://www.skippersmate.co.uk web site, use the Login menu option to enter your User Id and Password. Select the Control / Visit Boat menu option and you'll be redirected to the Boat Server where you can login and use the system.

For example, you could choose :

* Control / Sensor Panel to see the current values for your sensors - are the solar panels bringing the batteries back up ?
* Control / Control Panel to switch off the fridge if it's running on a relay
* GPS / Plot Your Position to see the current and recent positions of your boat (geo-positioning alarms sent if it moves beyond the radius you've set)
* Viewing / Camera 1 - view the camera to see if all looks as it should after the recent blow (intruder alert sent if motion detected)

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