Skipper's Mate Update Policy

Details of updates available - new features, bug fixes etc. - and how to obtain updates
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Skipper's Mate Update Policy

Post by penny » Thu Jan 19, 2017 5:18 pm

We don't force updates down your throat - nor do we sneak them onto your system when you're not looking. Applying updates is under your control though we do ask that you apply updates sequentially. Not all updates will affect your particular version - it depends on which features you've chosen - but we ask that you implement all updates to keep your system in step with the latest stable release.

PLEASE only apply updates when you are on board (or, if you're testing the system at home, that you are physically in the same place as the Skipper's Mate system) since you may require a hard boot in some instances.

Updates, with details of their content (e.g. new features, bug fixes etc.) will now be posted on this forum and there will be a link from the System / Apply Updates task so you can read about each update before downloading and apply it. In the past we have had a separate web page for each update but this will no longer be the case unless it is a particularly complex new addition or a new chunk of system.

We ask that you reboot your Skipper's Mate Boat Control Unit when you have applied updates. In some cases, such as updates involving Sensor Control Units or Relay Control Units we may ask you to reboot these units too - full instructions supplied as part of the update.

If you have any queries about an update please post on the Updates Forum Section, on the thread for a particular update - unless it's a general query in which case do feel free to create a new thread.

The Skipper's Mate Team

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