What a sensor can offer

Use wire-free sensors to monitor a growing range of boat functions - monitor via the Sensor Panel (remotely or locally) and set up Alerts (email/SMS)
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What a sensor can offer

Post by penny » Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:47 am

Sensors fall broadly into 2 categories :

* those that indicate a problem e.g. motion detecting PIR, pressure pads
* those that have an analog input which may or may not indicate a problem

Immediate Problem Detection - these sensors can be set up to send an alert, according to your requirements

Sensor Display Panel - sensors such as voltage, temperature will be displayed on the Sensor Panel. You can set ranges to indicate acceptable ranges so that a quick glance at the panel will show erroneous figures in red and acceptable ones in green. A further range can also be set to define the range which will initiate an alert. For example, if your batteries drop to 12.2V you might not want to receive an alert. But if they dropped further - say 11.8 - you would. Easy to use screens allow you to set these ranges and to alter the legends and units used.

Remote Viewing - Skipper's Mate offers the ability for you to view your Sensor Panel from anywhere in the world (where there's Internet access). Just visit the Central Server and you can "Visit Your Boat" to see and control you systems. See also Relays in the KnowledgeBase.

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